Forget about what you remember from your own childhood. There are new Girl Scout badges, and they’re all pretty awesome. Celebrating everything from eco-activities to STEM accomplishments, these badges are all about empowering girls in the STEM fields.

So what’s new in the world of Girl Scout badges? The new badges fall under four categories: Life Skills Badge, STEM Journeys, STEM Badge and Outdoor Badge.

When it comes to STEM, Girl Scouts who are interested in engineering engage in hands-on challenges and complete their own Take Action project are eligible for the Engineering STEM Journey. The same goes for Scouts who want to earn the Computer Science Journey.

Oh, but that’s not all for Girls Scouts and STEM badges. Participants can also earn badges for cybersecurity, mechanical engineering, space science and robotics. Um, where can we sign up?

If your kiddo is way into the outdoors, the Environmental Stewardship badge is awarded to Girl Scouts who learn about caring for our planet and advocate for the environment.

Wow. It looks like the Girl Scouts are certainly stepping it up when it comes to the badge game—and helping to shape and advance a new generation of young women into STEM fields.

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Sheila Herman via Flickr


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