What’s your 11-year-old into reading? Some kiddos are all about comic books. Others like chapter books. Well, one 11-year-old’s reading preference is slightly more sophisticated. What’s her pick? Umm, it’s the Washington Post! And when New York Times reporter Liam Slack sent a shout over social media, the newspaper responded in the best way possible.

Reporter Liam Stack’s cousin’s 11-year-old daughter downloaded the Washington Post’s app two years ago, at age 9. Since then, she’s been a loyal reader. Not only does she regular read the Washington Post, but the little girl also wants to work for the newspaper someday.

Stack tweeted, “When people ask what she wants to be when she grows up, my cousin said her 11 year daughter tells them she wants to study journalism and work for the Washington Post. It is apparently the most specific answer in her class.”

When the staff of the Washington Post read Stack’s tweet they responded with one of their own, “Please tell her that she has an open invite to spend a day with us.” They also added, “We’re all very excited to work for her someday.” Yep, you read that correctly — work for her.

The response has garnered plenty of social media attention, and rightly so!

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