When one mom found out her little girl wanted to be a fire fighter after she learned her daughter believed only boys could become one, this mama took to Twitter for help. The outpouring of responses is incredibly inspiring and will totally make your day.

When The Guardian journalist and mom, Hannah Summer’s four-year-old daughter Esme came home saying that she wished she could be a boy so that she could grow up to be a fire fighter, Summer asked Twitter if there were any videos she could show her daughter to prove otherwise. Twitter quickly responded with female fire fighters introducing themselves to Esme.

It wasn’t just grown-ups that were quick to prove that fire fighters can be female. As one Twitter user pointed out, even young girls are determined and ready.

Summers was happy to report that the videos worked and Esme has a future career path paved out.

And the internet has officially proven it can do much more than just provide hilarious cat memes.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: TheHilaryClark via Pixabay