Julianne Speyer showed kids (and adults) everywhere the power of the pen. Last summer the 12-year-old got major attention following a totally necessary letter to the editor of her local Ohio paper.

So what would prompt a 12-year-old to write a letter to the editor? During Geauga County’s Fourth of July parade, Speyer noticed an announcement that was less than inspiring.

While marching with her Girl Scout troupe, Speyer heard the parade announcer refer to the boys (who were marching with the Boy Scouts) as, “future leaders.” But when it came time to announce the girls, the announcer introduced the Scouts as, “just having fun.”

Frustrated over the sexist comment, Speyer knew she had to do something. After a friend suggested she write a letter to the editor of the local Geauga County Maple Leaf newspaper, the 12-year-old put her thoughts on paper and sent them off. According to CBS News, Speyer said, “It’s not OK that they did this, this kind of thing happens way too often.” She also added, “I needed help getting the word out and I asked the news to help me.”

In response to Speyer’s letter, parade organizers issued a statement saying, “There was an unfortunate misunderstanding of two unrelated comments. The announcer is a volunteer and made an observation that participants were enjoying the parade, with no disrespect intended.”

If you’re wondering whether this year’s parade inspired another letter to the editor—it looks like Speyer’s awesome action did the trick. Not only did the parade organizers take note, but after reading the Speyer’s letter, Hilary Clinton send the 12-year-old a letter of her own!

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: TODAY via YouTube



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