Your picky princess has finally settled on a dress to wear today, but her sartorial stylings do not allow for shorts, leggings or tights. They’re bunchy. Itchy. Too hot. Don’t match. On the other side, while her Disney Princess undies are undeniably adorable, they’re not something you want the whole world to see while she’s mastering the monkey bars.  Enter Broxies – a hybrid of underwear and fitted shorts that satisfies everyone’s requirements – she’s covered, cute and comfy.


Launched just this summer, Broxies are reinforced cotton underwear with the comfort and ease of underwear and the coverage of fitted shorts. Without the layers. So, what’s in a name? Well, the creator of the Broxie is a mom (of course, mothers are the mothers of invention) who grew up in South Africa, where underwear is called broekies. So when she came up with this solution to end her morning battles with her own opinionated girl, she decided to call them Broxies – broekies for the girl with plenty of moxie.


So Mom’s happy. But what about the girls? Well, we tested road tested them on several of the pickiest girls we know, and they were a resounding hit. They come in two styles – lace edged and plain, and have several adorable designs in each style to choose from. One rough and tumble girlie-girl pulled on a pair of the pink laced Broxies. “I love them! They’re so cute,” was her pronouncement, before pulling on a skort. Her mother told her that a skort wasn’t necessary. “Wait, I don’t have to wear a skort? Or tights? Can we order some more?”

Now, can someone just invent the perfect sock (you know, seamless, not too tight, not too short, not too long, not too bunchy, not too itchy…)?

Broxies run from $18-$22 a pair, come in sized 3-10, and are available online at

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-Meghan Rose