Calling all mad— we mean mom—scientists (and daring dads, too)! Try these six glow-in-the-dark experiments after the sun goes down: we promise they will light up your night. Click through the slideshow to get the details.

Photo: Fun at Home with Kids

Glowing Bathwater

With all the options for making something glow by using the contents of a glow stick out there, we loved finding Fun at Home with Kids' recipe for glowing water that uses nothing but ground up vitamin B-50 and a black light. And since it's not sticky and non-toxic, this makes the perfect lure for getting your bitty bats into the bathtub after a full day of haunting. Learn how to make bath time fun, here.

The Science Lesson: Phosphors versus Chemiluminescence
Vitamin B-50 is a phosphor, or a member of a a group of substances that radiate visible light after being energized by a light source, such as the UV radiation from a black light. This particular glow is different from the light created by chemiluminescence—that is, the light is emitted as a product of a chemical reaction—which you find in a glow stick.

What’s glowing on at your house? Tell us how you light up playtime in the comments section below!

—Shelley Massey