If it ever feels like you spend all of your time in your car shuttling kids around, maybe you could use a pair of helping hands, or rather helping wheels. GoKart is like Uber for kids and it gets your tykes from place to place when you can’t.

Stacy Shannon is a single mom of three kids from Cary, North Carolina—and the genius behind the new app GoKart. As she explained to The News & Observer, Shannon felt stretched thin trying to get her kids to all of their activities and wondered, “Why isn’t there Uber, but for kids? Like if Uber and Care.com had a baby.”

Shannon stopped wondering and decided to do something about it by launching her own ride-share company for kids. Parents can use the app to book a ride for their kids similarly to the way you would book a car via Uber or Left.

For those concerned about sending their kids off in a car with a stranger, Shannon explains that all the drivers are parents or grandparents themselves with at least five years of child care experience. All the drivers also undergo extensive background checks, including the DMV. The service costs $15 for the first five miles and $1.25 for each mile after.

Does this sound exactly like what you need? You’re in luck if you happen to live in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, which is where the GoKart ride-share service is currently available. If all goes well, however, you may just see similar services pop-up in cities near you.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Tim Mossholder


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