Your kiddo has a minivan-full of pool floats, but what about you? Now there’s a motorized version that turns a typical blow-up tube into your very own boat!

With GoBoat you get all the water-filled fun—without the bulky bother. Now you don’t have to worry about securing an awkwardly shaped contraption to the roof of your car or buying a hitch for your SUV.

What exactly is GoBoat? At its most basic, it is a motorized pool float. But it’s also so much more: it’s light-weight, portable and you can use it as a bumper boat! That means hours of lake, river or creek-side fun.

While the motorized float may sound like an awesome idea for the kiddos, the GoBoat instructions note, “Operators must be 16 years old or under the direct supervision of an adult.” You should always wear a properly fitted life vest and take the same precautions you would when driving an actual boat. That means no margaritas on the motorized float and steer clear of swimmers.

Visit GoBoat’s website for more information on this fab float and how to order one for yourself!

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: The GoBoat via Instagram 



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