Bath time. The two little words that can make a perfectly happy child go into full-on tantrum mode in less than 2.2 seconds. For some children, bath time can lead to an all-out war—kicking, biting, screaming, crying—you get the picture. Sometimes this brouhaha is due to fear and other times it’s due to flat-out stubbornness. Regardless of the reason, taking a bath is non-negotiable and it must be done (at least that’s what our mothers told us). If you’re looking for some creative ways to make tub time more enjoyable (and maybe even fun!) for both you and your little one, we’ve rounded up some bath time products for you to try.

bath time

Kids Sudsy Fun Bath Mitts
Rub-a-dub-dub, there’s a sea monster, mermaid or fish in the tub! These whimsical bath mitts that are part bath toy, part washcloth will encourage the “I do it myself kiddos” to lather up (maybe even wash behind their ears!) while inspiring all kinds of imaginative play. The machine washable bath mitts are made of soft cotton terry, with colorful graphics and hanging loops for air drying. Best for ages 2 and up. $9.95

Kids Sudsy Fun Bath Mitts

Hands Free Bath Visor
Invented by a dad tired of the fussy bath time routine, the KAIR Bath Visor is the ultimate shampoo solution for kiddos and parents alike! The unique air cushion sealing works like an inner tube by gently sealing along the child’s hairline and providing a leak-proof barrier. Hallelujah for a tear-free bath time! No head is too big or too small for this nifty visor. When your kiddos get old enough to start washing their own hair, simply flip the visor over and wear it as a regular sun visor to keep the suds out. The Kair Bath Visor is BPA Free, non-toxic and safe for all ages. $24.99

Kair Bath Visor

Pirate and Princess Bath Sponges
Ahoy mateys! With these fun bath sponges, your little one can be captain or queen of the tub. The pirate set includes a cool pirate hat and a sword-shaped bath sponge and the princess set includes a crown and wand-shaped sponge. With any luck, your kiddo will be spotless from head to toe after using these fun sponges. Best for ages 3 and up. $15

Princess-Pirate Bath Sponges
Sunken Treasures Pirate Bath Toy
Yo, ho, ho and a tub full of fun! This cool pirate bath toy turns tub time into a treasure hunting adventure. Little swashbucklers will love tossing the pieces (an octopus, gold coins, a crab and a treasure chest) into the water, watching them sink, and then hunting for them with the spyglass. The pirate bath toy includes eight plastic pieces, plus a pretend play telescope. Best for ages 3 and up. $22.95Sunken Treasures Pirate Bath ToyKid’s Shower Head and Bath Toy
Now kiddos can take a shower just like mom and dad…well, almost. When kiddos push the big star button on this press-and-pump toy showerhead, the water sprinkles down on them. In addition to being just plain fun, this bath toy prepares kiddos for the sensation of taking real showers. The pivoting showerhead (with a suction-on base) also works great for rinsing shampoo! Best for ages 3 and up. $19.95


Kids Bath Crayon & Marker Set
Now your little Picasso can make one brilliant “batherpiece” after another with these super-fun, bright crayons and markers designed specifically for bathtubs and tile. The set includes six bath markers and six tub crayons (mounted on a chunky crayon base that’s perfect for little hands), plus a fish-shaped sponge eraser and a drawstring storage bag with quick-draining mesh bottom. Best for ages 3 and up. $19.95Kids Bath Crayon & Marker SetKids Silly Squirty Bath Puppet
What could be more fun than a puppet show in the bathtub? Each of these fun sea creatures comes with a secret bath squirter (inside) so kiddos can have all sorts of fun with the tub water! The bath puppets are made of soft cotton terry, with colorful graphics and hanging loops for air drying. Choose: Alligator, Pink Seahorse, Shark, or Yellow Seahorse. Best for ages 2 and up. $12.95Kids Silly Squirty Bath PuppetWater Bugs
Finding intriguing bath toys for babies can be hard, but we think we’ve solved the problem with this super-fun net set. Toss the floating water bugs into the bathtub and little ones can eagerly scoop them up as they bobble across the water. Plus, this entertaining tub toy encourages put-and-take play and counting, too. For ages 9 months and up. $7.95

Water Bugs

Does your little one have a favorite tub toy that makes bath time a breeze at your house? Share your suggestions with us in the comments section below.

–Kristina Moy

Photo credit: Ernst Moeksis via Flickr, One Step Ahead website,  Kair Bath Visor website, My Sweet Muffin website.