You’ve likely heard the “Flappy Bird” story. Guy builds gaming app, app becomes the most popular mobile game on the Apple app store, players spend countless hours on game, creator receives complaints and nasty tweets, guy shuts down game, gamers are angry, phones with “Flappy Bird” installed go for thousands of dollars on ebay.

Since game developer Dong Nguyen shut down his operation, numerous copycat games have cropped up hoping to capitalize on people’s desire to lead a bird through a series of obstacles (well, and their penchant for spending hours on a mobile device). Recently, one creative knockoff called “Flappy Bert” caught our eye. Created by the folks at Sesame Street, “Flappy Bert” allows gamers to lead Bert through moving pipes along with his bestie Ernie and a bluebird. The interface is simple–use your mouse to elevate Bert and guide him through the obstacle course. Hit a pipe and the game is over.

Play the game by clicking here.

What are your thoughts on this copycat game by the creators of “Sesame Street”? Love it or over it? 

— Erin Lem