photo: Google

It looks kind of like a donut, and it’s pretty sweet too! Oh, but not in the frosting with sprinkles on top way. Nope. We’re talking about the new Google Home Mini. And this newest edition to the Google Home line is here and ready to help you out. How? Check out what the Google Home Mini is and the awesomely amazing things it can do.

So you say you want to listen to your favorite show tunes or find out when the next Channing Tatum movie will hit the theaters? Just talk into the air. At least, if you have the Google Home Mini.

Start with a, “Hey Google” and the Home Mini comes to life. Not only can you google all the things you normally would, just with voice and not your thumbs, but you can also get the Mini to do some nifty little tricks. Like what?

Well…you can start with finding your phone. Your preschooler was taking pics with your phone and left it on the kitchen counter. You haven’t bothered to look there. Just ask the Google Home Mini and it can make your Android or iPhone ring.

Along with finding your phone, this device can turn your TV on or off (with Chromecast), play TV news (again, with Chromecast) and set a sleep timer.

If you’re thinking, “My 3-year-old is going to keep turning on the Home Mini” — don’t. You can train it to recognize only your voice!

What do you think about the Google Home Mini? Will you be buying one? Share your thoughts in the comments below.