A new app wants to help your child become a reader! Developed by Google’s experimental workshop Area 120, Rivet is a reading app that goes way beyond simple story-time software.

According to stats from The Nation’s Report Card, only 36 percent of fourth graders are at or above the National Assessment of Educational Progress proficient mark and that number drops to 34 percent in eighth graders. Here’s where Rivet comes in.

The app bridges literacy and technology, creating an entirely interactive way to learn the basics—and all on your smartphone or tablet. Along with a library of 2,000 plus free books, Rivet uses advanced speech technology to help children as they read. This includes providing real-time feedback.

What else can Rivet do? If your child is stuck on a word, all they need to do is tap it to hear how it’s pronounced. The app also listens to your child as they read and points out which parts of a word they say correctly or incorrectly. Rivet also provides definitions and translations into more than 25 languages, making it an ideal app for non-native English speakers.

The app, which recently finished Beta testing, is available for Android and iOS devices (the real-time feedback feature is still yet to come for iOS) in the Play Store or App Store.

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Drew Rae via Pexels 



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