Google has invitedkids across the world to share their passion for STEM for the chance to win big prizes, for the eighth year running. The 2018 Google Science Fair has just launched and the search engine giant is on the search for young scientists to ask some inspiring questions and discover the answers.

Google invites all “young dreamers and problem-solvers” ages 13 to 18 to put their science and technology skills to work. The premise is simple: Google wants kids to ask “what if?” about any topic that inspires them and then tinker, code, research and experiment their way to the answer.

Kids interested in participating can check out for thought starters and a library full of resources to help develop their ideas into a project. They have until Dec. 12 to pick a project, run their tests, come up with a solution and share their results in a submission.

Besides the learning experience, there are plenty of rewards participants have a chance to earn. 179 prizes will be rewarded from the regional level up to 20 global finalists. Those finalists will then be invited to Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California where they will vie for scholarships from companies like LEGO, National Geographic and Virgin Galactic. One lucky grand prize winner will take home $50,000. The first round of winners will be announced March 2019.

So, “what if” your kid is the next Google Science Fair winner? There’s only one way to way to find out, and that’s to get your little scientist tinkering away!

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: stjohnsdallas via Flickr



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