Who doesn’t like saving money? With Google’s secret hotel discount, now you can save big on your next family trip. Here’s how.

Before you start Googling your day away looking for a magical discount in the form of a promo code—stop. This isn’t just a regular ol’ Google perk. If you want to score some pretty amazing steals on hotels, you need to sign up for Google One.

Photo: Falkenpost via Pixabay

So what is Google One? Basically, it’s the rebranded version of Google Drive. For a monthly fee, you get extra storage with plenty of cloud space to keep all of your photos, music, videos and digital life all in one place. In addition to massive, reliable cloud storage, Google One members receive Google Play credits and special hotel pricing as perks!

While plans vary by country, Mashable reports that Google One plans range in price from $1.99 a month for 100GB of storage to as much as $9.99 for 2TB a month.

How do you find out about these special hotel deals? First you need to sign up (and pay for) Google One. Sign in to your Google One account and start Googling hotels. Pick your hotel, choose your dates and look for the Google One member price. That’s it!

And with Google One, you’ll have plenty of online storage space for all those vacation pics you’re about to take.

—Erica Loop



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