photo: Pexels

Does it seem like your child is in school all day? Well, they aren’t. Most children only spend 20% of their time at school. And that leaves 80% of their waking hours for…umm, anything and everything else. What does that “everything else” include? After-school activities and homework, homework and more homework. But if your child doesn’t have access to the internet or a home computer to complete his assignments on, he can easily fall behind. This is where the “homework gap” begins.

The homework gap is most likely to impact children who come from rural and low-income communities. These children often don’t have internet access and start to slip when it comes to their grades. If a child can’t do their homework during that 80% of off-time, he or she doesn’t stand a chance of keeping up in school. And here’s where Google comes in.

Actually, here’s where after-school programs come in. But Google is supporting them. They’re providing a grant that will help four million students through after-school programs. They’re also making sure that students have access to technology. Through the National AfterSchool Association (NAA), Google will help students and after-school professionals to get the internet and technology access that they need to succeed. This $500,000 grant won’t just give children the help that they need, it will also assist teachers by providing the money that they need for training and resources.

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