photo: Reign Childrenswear via Instagram

Somewhere out there a mom is (or at least, will be) buying a $250 pair of baby Louboutin’s for her kiddo. Seriously. Yes, “Loubibaby’s” are a real thing. And, come November 16, you can get them on Gwyneth Paltrow’s site and Goop holiday pop-up shops in Miami, LA and NYC. So, what’s the deal with these super-pricey baby shoes?

Paltrow and the iconic shoe designer Christian Louboutin teamed up to create a limited edition capsule collection for goop. Of course, these include the obviously expensive shoes for us grown-ups. With price tags that rival what plenty of people for a month’s rent, these shoes aren’t exactly for everyone. And their teeny, tiny baby counterparts aren’t either.

The baby versions are adorable, that’s for sure. They come complete with the trademark red sole too! But $250? For a pair of baby shoes? It’s not like these are investment pieces that baby will wear for years. That said, if you have the expendable cash — why not?

If you’re into indulgences and don’t care about how much they cost, these “Loubibaby’s” are for you. Or rather, for your very, very lucky baby.

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