Serves 1


  • 2 slices Arla® Gouda Cheese
  • 3 pieces thinly sliced turkey, ham or your favorite deli meat
  • 1 10-inch tortilla
  • 2 lettuce leaves
  • 1 teaspoon reduced-fat mayonnaise

Add-on ingredients

  • pickles
  • tomatoes slices
  • hummus or ranch dressing
  • avocados


  1. Place one tortilla on a plate and spread reduced-fat mayo over it with a knife.
  2. Lay the deli meat and the slice of Arla® Gouda sliced cheese on top of the tortilla.
  3. Place lettuce leaves on top.
  4. Add any additional toppings that you and your family love.
  5. Roll up the tortilla with the contents inside and slice the roll into five bite-sized rolls, discarding the ends of the tortilla.

recipe and photo courtesy of Arla®

Did you know that Arla® is a farm-to-fridge dairy company that currently offers a full range of naturally delicious cheese varieties, including cream cheese, snack cheese and sliced cheese? As an added bonus, Arla cheese is made from only simple ingredients that you can recognize. Arla is the better-for-you-cheese the whole family will love. What more could a parent want?