Governor’s Institutes of Vermont

For 37 years, GIV has offered world-class academic enrichment programs to Vermont high-schoolers. GIV programs are experiential and residency -based – students spend the duration of the program at a Vermont college immersed in a topic of their choice, surrounded by a community of like-minded peers, and have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience life on a college campus and courses at the collegiate level. Additionally, students have access to cutting-edge technology and resources and are exposed to career options within the field of study. GIV Institutes span the gamut of Humanities and STEM topics, so there is something for every passionately curious Vermont teen!

GIV is dedicated to being accessible for all Vermonters. A sliding-scale tuition model enables families to pay only what they can afford.  GIV also takes into account any extenuating circumstances that impact a family’s ability to pay.

GIV’s alumni survey results are overwhelmingly positive: 88% of surveyed alumni called GIV one of their most important experiences in high school, while 93% said GIV influenced them as they made decisions about their future.  If your student is interested in a topic or career, or curious about what career paths lie ahead, GIV is the place for them to solidify their future goals and career aspirations!

-from Karen Taylor Mitchell, Governor’s Institutes of Vermont
20 West Canal Street, Suite C-5
Winooski, VT 05404
Phone: 802-865-4448
Online: https://giv.org/