It’s not exactly a mega-secret that Dr. Seuss’s classic Oh, the Places You’ll Go! is THE grad gift to give. But one dad took this kind of classic present up a few zillion notches and transformed it into an unbelievably sweet and meaningful gift for his daughter.

Dad Bryan Martin’s totally timeless idea…well, takes time. That means you need to read this right now—and get started with the gifting greatness. Even though your kiddo is years away from graduating anything other than preschool, you’ll want to check this out.

Instead of buying his daughter Brenna the Dr. Seuss book weeks or days before her high school graduation, Martin picked up a copy years before—about 13 years before the big day! The dedicated dad bought the book when his daughter started kindergarten. Each year, he had Brenna’s teachers, principals and coaches sign the book.

When his daughter finally graduated from high school, Martin gifted her with the book—giving her a hopeful look forward and a moving, inspirational look back. With 13 years of school memories in one place, this pretty much is the grad gift to end all grad gifts.

Even though this pretty perfect present takes over decade to create, it’s so worth it. When your now-tot is a then-teen, you’ll both appreciate it!

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Maura24 via Pixabay 



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