It can be very challenging to get kids to focus on studying after school when all they want to do is goof off and rest. A new survey suggests that the key to homework success depends on which room of the house the kids are in.

The survey conducted by national homebuilder KB Home explores how families are navigating school days and screen time. The results found that new family hub is the great room with 60 percent of respondents reporting that their great room (the living room and kitchen) was used for kids to complete homework and projects. Using the great room allowed parents to better monitor their kids while preparing meals or dealing with multiple kids.

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Many parents surveyed indicated that they preferred smaller bedrooms for kids because of the focus of having their kids in a main area for monitoring of activities. Three in five parents (60 percent) agree that kids’ bedrooms shouldn’t be used for screen time, with a full quarter (25 percent) agreeing strongly.

In addition to homework, the great room often serves as the main space where screen time activities take place according to those families surveyed. Nearly a third of families (32 percent) reported using the great room to engage in screen time with their kids, not just to monitor, but to bond with them. A whopping 56 percent of Americans use their kitchen island or table to work and play on their laptops and devices.

—Shahrzad Warkentin



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