Mmm. Grilled cheese. Whether you’re a mega-fan of the cheesy goodness that comes sandwiched between two slices of bread or your kiddo can’t possibly eat anything else, as it turns out you may have been making these little gems the totally wrong way. Huh? Yep. This grilled cheese “hack” (okay, it’s more of an alternative way of whipping up a grilled cheese sandwich) will totally change the way you cook!

So basically, you’ve been making grilled cheese wrong. At least, that’s what it seems like when you take chef Jeff Mauro’s advice to heart. The host of Sandwich King seriously knows his stuff and told Today all about how to get the crispiest crust ever. Given that he’s an actual chef, and sandwich genius, we’re going with that he knows more about this stuff than the rest of us.

What’s his brilliant insight into grilled cheese sandwich-making? Well… forget about the butter. What? Umm, aren’t you supposed to slather the bread with butter before putting it into a butter-coated pan? Isn’t that what makes it taste so good?

Sure, butter tastes good. But it can also make your sandwich extra-soggy. And you know how your 4-year-old reacts to a soggy sandwich. It’s not with happiness and glee.

Instead of butter, Mauro recommends using mayo. Yep, mayonnaise. The mayo makes a crispier crust that’s golden brown (just like it should be). Oh and if that’s not enough for you, Chef Mauro also suggest using a metal pan to create a heat dome over your sandwich as it cooks on a griddle. Yum!

Do you have your own grilled cheese hack? Share it in the comments below.