Grocery shopping, with it’s long lines and crowded aisles, can be a drag (where’d they move the almond butter this time?). Lucky for us, the process of physically going to the supermarket is totally optional. The fastest growing and parent-friendliest way to shop for food nowadays is through one of the many grocery delivery sites cropping up. Click through to discover some of our favorites for stocking up on fresh meals. You can thank us after dinner.

The Purple Carrot

Vegetarian families rejoice! Here is a recipe delivery service Just. For. You. The Purple Carrot ships to veggie-loving customers boxes filled with all the raw, pre-measured ingredients (plant-based, dairy-free, non-GMO) needed to cook healthy dinners and snacks. With dishes like Veggie Dumpling Stew and White Pizza with Arugula and Red Onion, “Meatless Mondays” just went to another level.

Cost: $74/week for family plan


Are there any other amazing food or grocery delivery services that we should know about? Give us the scoop in the comments section below.

—Ayren Jackson-Cannady