The supermarkets you shop at play a major part in keeping marine life protected from the damaging affects of over-fishing and pollution. In order to help consumers shop greener in the seafood department, environmental group Greenpeace has compiled a new list of sustainable seafood rankings of grocery stores.

Greenpeace has been ranking supermarkets on their sustainable practices since 2008. The first year of rankings all 20 supermarket chains they evaluated failed to meet standards, but this year 90 percent of the companies have received a passing score which is good news, both for the planet and consumers hoping for a wider variety of stores to shop at.

Photo: Jeremy Stewart via Unspash

Here are the top five supermarkets that received the best scores in offering sustainable seafood by Greenpeace:

  1. Whole Foods
  2. Hyvee
  3. Aldi
  4. Target
  5. Giant Eagle

Other family favorite places to shop, like Trader Joes (which ranked 14th) and Costco (which ranked 15th), had passing grades overall, but are still in need of changes, such as utilizing better labeling practices and developing a company policy on sustainability. You can find the full list of the 22 grocery chains ranked here.

The rankings were based on four main factors including company policies on seafood, any initiatives the company has undertaken to help sustainable practices, transparency through things like clear labeling and signage and the actual inventory it carries that is considered sustainable.

—Shahrzad Warkentin



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