Let’s be honest: Gross stuff is funny. Flatulence make kids laugh, and just saying the word “poop” is a surefire giggle-maker. So today why not embrace the yuck factor during playtime? From making toots to tasting barf (not the real thing!), here are a few games that’ll make your kids say, “Ewww” and then, “Again!”  Scroll down for our review.


It’s Russian-roulette, fart-style! Players must put down a number card and push Guster the Fart Cloud the corresponding number of times. If Guster “gasses-out” a big one, that player is out of the game. Your kids will love the over-the-top toots this little cloud emits.

Cost:  $14.99
Where to buy: Shop.mattel.com


Who Tooted?
Because farting never loses its appeal to kids, here’s another game where the fun revolves around flatulence. In this case, every player gets a whoopie cushion-shaped controller, and when it lights up, one player presses a button to make a farting sound. Your kiddos will all have to practice their poker faces while everyone guesses, “Who tooted?”

Cost: $18.99
Where to buy: Amazon.com


This game asks adventurous eaters to spin the wheel to pick which Jelly Belly jellybean to eat. But here’s the catch: Every color bean has a yummy — and correspondingly yucky — flavor. So peach looks exactly the same as barf; Caramel corn looks the same as moldy cheese. Note: When we say yucky, we mean it — our little game-testers needed a spit-up cup on the table to discard accidental spoiled milk, dead fish, or barf bean ingestion.

Cost: $5.99
Where to buy: Jellybelly.com


Gooey Louie
Got a nose-picker? Get this simple game that lets players pick snot-strings out of Louie’s nose until his brain literally pops out of his head. The one who picks the offending booger loses. It’s silly fun, but when Louie’s brain projectile-pops out, even grown-ups won’t be able to stifle a laugh.

Cost: $18.35
Where to buy: Amazon.com


Doggie Doo
Whoever sent the pitch letter to Goliath Games to sell a kids game about dog poop deserves some major kudos for salesmanship. The premise of this game is simple: Feed the doggie some bright green goop; then wait for him to poop it out. The first player to clean up three messes wins the game. Game-makers call it “a fun way to learn about responsibility,” but who are we kidding? They had your kids at “Doo.”

Cost: $21.99
Where to buy: Amazon.com

What’s your family’s favorite “gross” game? 

All photos courtesy the respective game maker.

—Melissa Heckscher