Does your kiddo like things on the yucky side? Take advantage of the gross factor and make your at-home science lessons a little extra icky with the following science experiments for kids. Whether it’s making goo, growing mold or learning about germs, these fun and simple science experiments will have your little lab rat saying, “Ewww!” Click through the slideshow to get the goop.

In Praise of Spit

C'mon, spit's got a bad rap. Do your kids know they wouldn't be able to taste things without saliva to dissolve food particles? Learn the importance of spit (and enjoy a snack) in this taste-testing experiment, courtesy of

Photo: Brittany Randolph via Flickr

Looking for more? Try our very own snot recipe. What’s your favorite at-home science? Tell us how your experiments went in the comments below. 

—Melissa Heckscher