What’s your kiddo’s favorite meal? The foodie pros at Grubhub recently reviewed the delivery data and released their list for the Top 10 Most Popular Kids Meals in 2021.

While you might think burgers and fries are the top kid pick of the year, this staple combo wasn’t the most ordered take-out item. After the first few months of 2021, the top selection for fams with kids is the beloved BLT!

photo: Zachary Spears via Unsplash

According to Grubhub’s data, the salty bacon and refreshing lettuce and tomato classic is trending at a whopping rate of +393 percent. The full list of family faves includes:

  1. BLT sandwich (+393%)
  2. Cheeseburger sliders (+383%)
  3. Mini corn dogs (+375%)
  4. French toast (+325%)
  5. Fish & chips (+268%)
  6. Spaghetti & meatballs (+234%)
  7. Macaroni & cheese (+225%)
  8. Wings (+214%)
  9. Cheese enchilada (+164%)
  10. Chocolate chip pancakes (+138%)

Main meals aren’t the only tasty picks families are ordering for delivery. Along with the top 10 trending kids meal orders, Grubhub also released its dessert data. The current Most Popular Kids Desserts in 2021 are (in order) cake, pie, ice cream and cookies.

—Erica Loop



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