sloth-cc-Risto Kuulasmaa via flickr

Half blind, half hard of hearing and completely slow to respond, sloths are basically how we feel when we’re woken before sunrise. Take that sloth personality beyond the wee hours of the morning and into the day with this easy idea.

All you need to play the part of this exquisite plant predator is a tree with a sturdy branch. Ask your nimble kids to show their restraint when scaling a tree and have them climb s-l-o-w-l-y. After all, sloths move at 1/4 the speed of humans!

Younger daredevils can drape themselves over a couch or find playground equipment that’s low to the ground. If there’s one thing to get excited for on Sloth Day, it’s the excuse to move at a relaxingly slow pace.

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— Christal Yuen

photo: Risto Kuulasmaa via flickr