Afternoons at Tumbleweed

Photo by: tumbleweed

Welcome to Outdoor After “School”!

While this summer hasn’t been an easy one, you already know what an incredible impact the Tumbleweed experience has made on your child. With that in mind, and with schools closed for in-person learning for the foreseeable future, we’re excited to extend the camp love with TumbleweedXL, our after-”school” camp starting in September.

We’re excited to be able to offer this opportunity to you this fall. As a parent, I know that the choices for our kids this fall are pretty slim, and I hope that TumbleweedXL can make for a more engaging, deeper learning experience for your child (and an easier fall for you!). We’re in this together: we get it – this year has been too hard. It takes a village to raise a child. Let’s be that village together and raise each other up.

Tumbleweed Day Camp
1024 Hanley Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90049
Phone: 310-472-7474
Online: http://www.tumbleweedcamp.com