Rochambeau, The French International School offers a bicultural and bilingual education to internationally-minded students starting from age 2 through 12th grade. Our academic program is based on the French National Curriculum, a comprehensive world recognized educational program, with a strong English component. From the day children start their schooling in Maternelle, French is more than a subject: it is the language used to tell a story, play outside, explore nature, sing songs, or talk over lunch. Very quickly new students grasp the nuances of moving between languages, and they also become appreciative of the multitude of languages spoken on campus and in the world. Rochambeau students not only acquire a linguistic advantage, the learning environment is such that they truly do become bicultural.
 Rochambeau optimizes students’ potential by giving them as many opportunities as possible for their future. Having a broad base of knowledge, the ability to analyze and think critically, and an understanding of the world from different perspectives, Rochambeau graduates are bicultural and bilingual, often multilingual. With both a US High School diploma and a French Baccalauréat, they choose to continue their education in the US, Canada, the U.K., France or anywhere in the world.

Rochambeau The French International School
9600 Forest Rd
Bethesda, MD 20814
Email: admissions@rochambeau.org
Online: https://www.rochambeau.org/