Camp Coding Space Online

Photo by: @Hanni

The Coding Space, a leading provider of coding education, is thrilled to be launching Camp Coding Space Online for ages 8+. These virtual group classes, hosted on Zoom, combine project-based coding, exciting STEM-based electives, hands-on and off-screen activities, epic week-long team challenges, theme days, and more. With Monday-through-Friday full- and half-day options, Camp Coding Space Online will fit your schedule and give your child a summer adventure they’ll never forget.

✓ Project-Based Coding: Whether they’re coding in Scratch, WoofJS, or Javascript, campers receive curriculum customization through our 4:1 camper-to-counselor ratio.

✓ Hands-On Activities: Campers take a break from their screens and engage with their surroundings: scavenger hunts, botany, cooking, science experiments, board games, dance parties, writing, and more.

✓ Electives: From game design to coding musical sequences, campers will be exposed to a wide range of STEM material designed to help them discover their passions.

✓ Daily Challenges: Which house can solve a riddle first? Come up with the best algorithm? Winners will be awarded points and a chance to win the weekly Coding Space cup.

The Coding Space
Online: https://www.thecodingspace.com/