Children’s Arts Institute

Ninja’s, Professor Egghead, and Broadway & More!

CAI has gone virtual this summer and is offering unique programs guaranteed to get your kids moving, thinking and jazzed! 

Offering 24 different experiences Including: 

  • Professor Egg Head Rocket Camp where extreme explorers as they dig for fossils, make tar pits that bubble, clean up oil spills, race magnetic bumper cars, and make snow!
  • Family Yoga Learn yoga poses, mindfulness and partner yoga. These practices will provide the whole family the tools to live in the moment and manage the inherent anxieties of the time that we’re in.
  • Young Ninjas Live classes led by our high-energy Sensei’s teach the fundamentals of martial arts. Including blocks, kicks, strikes, and the all-important KI-YAH! But that’s not all, we also offer
  • Broadway Bound, where students learn a routine to a famous Broadway ensemble song while covering the basics of jazz dance, musicality, and facial projection (a.k.a. acting!).
  • Craft, Craft, Craft Explore the world of abstract art, and create our own pieces based on the artists we study.

Classes are :45 min and run 3 weeks and starting July 6th! Check out the link to see the full suite of classes! Classes that requires supplies, a full kit will be provided to each student registered. 

Children’s Arts Institute
Phone: 818.780.6226
Online: https://www.ccsteaches.org/cai