CuriOdyssey’s IlluminOdyssey

Photo by: CuriOdyssey

Electrify your child’s imagination at CuriOdyssey’s IlluminOdyssey, a dazzling winter light experience for kids. See four floors of walls, floors and ceiling come alive with radiant, moving color.

Carry a colorful lantern with you as you explore a world of luminescent wonder. Venture through a gleaming jungle of soft sculptures and under an illuminated canopy of fiber optic strands. Create a refractive rainbow at the tip of a wand. Touch a plasma ball to create colorful electric tendrils. Use a drawing robot to design a phosphorescent image. Dance on swirling patterns of brilliant colors.  Watch the mesmerizing motion of a glowing blossom and control it’s changing appearance.  Wander inside a village of lustrous, geometric shelters awash in laser lights.

CuriOdyssey’s IlluminOdyssey is open Tuesdays through Sundays from November 9 through January 5, 10am-4pm, and open late until 8pm on December 6 and January 3. This winter, bring friends and family to experience the wonder, beauty and excitement of CuriOdyssey’s IlluminOdyssey!

You’ll even meet animals up-close during your visit to CuriOdyssey! See an otter feeding at noon, a bobcat feeding at 1pm and animal presentations throughout the day. Play with fun, hands-on exhibits and connect with nature at CuriOdyssey science playground & zoo.


1651 Coyote Point Dr
San Mateo, CA 94401
Email: info@curiodyssey.org
Phone: 16503427755
Online: http://www.curiodyssey.org


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