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School closures and the current pandemic have many parents unsure of what to do for their kids this fall. The choice to keep children at home is a challenging and undesirable one. However, it’s the choice many parents feel is necessary.

That’s why FLS Tutors has launched a new program, Learning Pods. Learning Pods are small group classes that can be done in-person or virtually, which can replace or supplement the classes being offered by public, private, and charter schools.

A few parents can get their children together to start a pod and FLS Tutors will take care of the rest including curriculum and accreditation. In-person classes can be conducted in a home, a backyard, or even a park.

Their aim is to ensure students still get a premium learning experience and even excel academically while minimizing risks. FLS Tutors is a premier educational services provider that also offers one-on-one tutoring in ALL subjects & test preparation, SAT online bootcamp, credit recovery, and academic counseling.

They’ve been family owned since they started in 1986, offering excellent tutors and reasonable prices.

You can find out more by going to their website, http://www.flstutors.com.

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