Gift of Non-Stinging Mason Bees

Photo by: Rent Mason Bees

Do you know a gardener or want to teach your kids about pollination and where their food comes from? Send a GIFT OF MASON BEES!

Mason bees are one of nature’s best pollinators because they belly flop onto flowers and get pollen all over their bodies. This allows them to pollinate 95% of the flowers they land on and they can visit over 2,000 flowers a day. They are easy to host and low maintenance. Simply hang your mason bee house in a sunny spot and then watch your garden grow.

Help your kids become Backyard Scientists by exploring their yards and gardens. Learn how pollinators make their food and teach them the difference between a mason bee and a honey bee. Visit our YOUTH PROGRAMS for kid worksheets and more learning materials.

Order your GIFT OF BEES and you can print a gift certificate to mail or put under the Christmas tree. Then, in spring of next year we will mail your gift of mason bees directly to their home with everything they need to host mason bees in their yard.

Kits include: outer house, nesting block, bag of clay, flower seeds and 50-60 mason bee cocoons.

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