Hire A Pod Teacher To Help Your Kids

Photo by: Scoot Education

Dear Supermom,

Just because you CAN do it, doesn’t mean you have to! You’ve got enough on your plate and helping your kids with their Zoom classes is something you can hand off to a professional. Make the start of this school year successful and stress-free by hiring a qualified teacher for your learning pod.

With Scoot At Home, your children remain enrolled in their school’s virtual classroom but also participate in a home learning pod with an in-person teacher. Students get help with their daily lessons, bringing learning to life while maintaining social-emotional growth with their peers.

Unlike hiring a tutor or teacher on your own, Scoot takes care of employment and vetting. Whether you have a teacher you’d like to hire or need help finding one, we provide all of the necessary legal protections like liability, taxes, and workers comp insurance, so you can have peace of mind when bringing a teacher into your home.

We’ll send you a shortlist of candidates who fit your family’s unique needs and assist in the hiring and scheduling.

Discover how easy the virtual school year is when you have a Scoot At Home teacher enriching your child’s current curriculum!

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