KoKoNYC’s Building Adventures

At KoKo NYC we value the process of making. KoKo seeks to educate kids and adults alike about our impact on our environment. Our arts-based science and engineering programs are meant to empower kids of all walks of life and we’re interested in pushing kids to be able to act more responsibly towards their peers and their environment. We encourage them to take risks and believe in their own ability to make a difference. But the most important part is the approach: KoKo means having fun!

The Soap Box Workshop (7-14 years) and Mini Destroy&Construct (5-7 years) encourages children to think outside the box. Children build inventions with found and recycled objects as well as building materials. At the Soupbox site participants turn piles of seemingly useless trash into functional machines while learning about construction and design and, more importantly, having fun.

All our programs are Maker Mentor Programs, but leading up to the summer we are introducing KoKo NYC’s outdoor afterschool classes in the parks.  We have a special offer for Red Tricicle subscribers until March 21. Use RT Maker Mentor at checkout for 10%. If you’d like to bring KoKo to your neighborhood, please reach out to us at info@kokonyc.org!

Email: info@kokonyc.org
Phone: 6462793969
Online: http://kokonyc.org