Learn Spanish with Instituto Cervantes

Photo by: Julia M Cameron

Now our Spanish courses ONLINE!

The Instituto Cervantes program is designed to provide children of different ages the opportunity to learn Spanish in a rich, stimulating, and motivating environment that fosters enjoyment and curiosity.

Children will learn Spanish in a safe atmosphere where they will feel comfortable and free to actively participate. Students will be nurtured and encouraged to communicate in Spanish and work in collaborative groups – promoting cooperation, group effort, and authentic communication.

All program activities are age-appropriate, adapting language instruction and activities to the needs of students.

our teachers are all fully qualified and trained native-Spanish speakers.

Children & teenagers from 4 to 15 are welcome. They will be placed in the appropriate class according to their proficiency in Spanish. Bilingual and heritage speakers are also welcome.

Why should children learn Spanish?

  • Research shows that children who learn a second language have a higher rate of success in their education and their adult careers.
  • Spanish is already the second international business language.
  • Speaking Spanish provides students that competitive edge they will need for future college admission and job placement in our emerging global economy.

Join our Spanish courses where you will meet new friends, have fun and enjoy learning Spanish!

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