Lycée Français de San Francisco

Photo by: LFSF

From Preschool, to High School, the Lycée Français de San Francisco (LFSF) provides a complete bilingual program.

LFSF is an independent international school, and the largest French American program in Northern California.

At LFSF, our objective is to inspire future generations to make positive and impactful contributions to our world through a multilingual and multicultural education that lasts a lifetime. With their French and US diplomas, our graduates carry the excellence of the education they received and the spirit of openness, curiosity and integrity shaped at LFSF.

5 reasons to choose LFSF

Reason#1: LFSF is the local reference in terms of French immersion and bilingual education

Reason#2: LFSF, it’s one school, from nursery to Grade 12

Reason#3: LFSF offers an individualized and resolutely international path for global-minded students

Reason#4 :LFSF is part of an international network of nearly 500 schools to explore

Reason#5: LFSF has demonstrated its ability to #pivot, #adapt #anticipate during the pandemic

Visit our 3 Campuses virtually:

  • Ashbury Campus (preschool to Gr5), San Francisco,
  • Sausalito Campus (age 2 to Gr5), Sausalito, Marin
  • Ortega Campus (Gr6 to Gr12), San Francisco,

Lycée Français de San Francisco
1201 Ortega St
SF, CA 94122
Email: communications@lelycee.org
Online: https://www.lelycee.org