Mandarin/Spanish Preschool Alternative

Photo by: Jay Sharman

MandarinArts Playground is our morning, half-day, trilingual preschool alternative program—Mandarin and Spanish, with a sprinkling of English—designed for preschool / pre-K age kids (2-6) to learn in a nurturing, immersion environment. MandarinArts Playground is a program designed to help kids acquire languages organically. We include carefully planned themed learning with corresponding projects, arts and craft, and storytime. Enrichment activities are included, and range from music and dance, to theatre, games, oration, Chinese calligraphy, and cultural education. During these Covid-19 times, activities are modified to include less group activities and more creative projects that can be performed with minimal student contact. We are also accepting less than 8 kids per class for the Fall and Winter semesters, to ensure an extremely small class size. With two teachers (one Mandarin and one Spanish) per class, we provide the smallest class sizes in LA for kids 2-6.  Taught by a team of experienced native teachers who specialize in teaching Mandarin and Spanish to American kids, Playground is the preschool alternative program with all the extras you have been searching for. Limited spots available (only 8 spots!) and enrollment is on a first come first serve basis. Morning 1/2 day, Tue/Thu or Mon/Wed/Fri schedule options available. Visit our website for more details!

16101 Ventura Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 91436
Email: hello@mandarinartsstudio.com
Phone: 818-922-2210
Online: https://www.mandarinartsstudio.com/