Mini Pie Kits from Blue Robin Kitchen

Photo by: Donna Coleman

The Easiest Way to a Little Homemade Pie

Blue Robin Kitchen kits have everything you need to bake a uniquely flavored, delicious little dessert right in your own kitchen.

We make miniature pie kits so you can bake a pie that’s just the right size for one or two, with no special tools or skills required. All you need is a fork and a little butter (or your choice of alternative baking fat) to make a delicious pie fresh from your own oven.

Kits include a mini reusable pie pan, a “no-roll” crust mix, fruit filling, topping mix, and easy to follow instructions. These kits are prefect for singles or couples, make a great kid’s baking project, and are a perfect gift. We’ve uniquely seasoned every layer including the crust, not like the flavorless pastry you might be used to. Order a kit today and bring a little comfort and joy back to the kitchen.

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