More Than Just Your Average Music School

More than a music school, Twelve Tone Music School is a musical movement. Whether you are new to music or a seasoned musician, our immersive jam sessions and collaborative lessons are the best way to learn! Our weekly lesson model combined with add on, live jam sessions provide an hour and a half of fun musical learning unmatched in the industry. We provide all the fundamentals of musical education with the fun of learning how to play with a real-live band that is tailored to your child’s musical level, interest and genre.

Plus, our proprietary practice-at-home software will ensure your child’s practice goes from tedious to triumphant. Try out our innovative approach to music education by trying us for free. Sign up and redeem your free trial lesson today! Offer ends 9/30/21.

Twelve Tone Music School
1742 Glenview Rd
Glenview, IL 60025
Email: info@twelvetonemusicschool.com
Phone: (847) 901-7161
Online: http://www.twelvetonemusicschool.com/trial-4