Robot Building Summer Fun

Summers at the Robot Foundry have always been the best and this year’s virtual version will be amazing as well!  The Foundry’s Summer Circuits will run Monday-Thursday from July 6 – August 27th for children 6-12years old.  Each day’s 3-hour online class will feature art, science, movement, games, and of course robots!  Children will be entertained, educated, engrossed and elated in their small group each day.  Choose from the morning sessions (9a-12p EDT), the afternoon sessions (1-4p EDT), or sign up for both for a  week of full day fun!  (There are multiple versions from which to choose so your child doesn’t repeat any projects.)  All supplies will be mailed to your home in advance. Check othe website for the detailed schedule and additional information.

Email: contact@brooklynrobotfoundry.com
Phone: 347-762-9840
Online: https://brooklynrobotfoundry.com/