SVOLTA Scooters: Fun for Every Season

Photo by: @pax.loves.knox

SVOLTA – style-centric kids scooters in gender neutral colors

When designing SVOLTA scooters, the team essentially made scooters they (adults) wanted to ride, but in kid sizes. They opted for premium materials, so the construction is solid and sturdy. The scooters ride smoothly and have a variety of added style details like matte satin finishes, champagne gold accents and lightning bolt patterns.

They have different scooters for little ones (Ace, the 2-in-1 sit and stand convertible), toddlers+ (Mega, 3-wheel scooter) and bigger kids (Legend, 2-wheel kick scooter).

If you’re looking for that gift with the “wow factor” this holiday season, SVOLTA scooters have been known to turn heads and elicit ginormous smiles!

Email: hello@svoltaride.com
Online: https://svoltaride.com