Testing Mom Learning P.O.D.S.

Photo by: Testingmom.com

Take the uncertainty out of your child’s educational success. Testing Mom’s unique online Learning P.O.D.’s offer fully vetted, qualified instructors combined with diverse curriculum options backed by the Testing Mom standard for educational excellence. The very affordable small classes are available 7 days a week from the comfort and safety of your own home for student’s Pre-K-8th grade. Subjects include math, ELA, writing, chess, languages, cooking and more! The four week “mini-mesters” are designed so that your child receives individual attention and social emotional support. You will appreciate the periodic progress reports and peace of mind knowing your child isn’t falling any further behind the “Covid Curve”. Use code red10 for 10% off.

Email: pods@testingmom.com
Phone: 877-609-6203
Online: https://www.testingmom.com