The BümoBrain Program

If you’re running out of ideas for homeschooling and learning activities, BümoBrain has your back! Backed by over 350 years of educators’ experience, Forbes named BümoBrain “The Virtual Classroom of the Future.”

The BümoBrain Daily Learning Program is a flexible learning program for children ages 2-6 that offers daily, age-specific unplugged activities and learning videos made by accredited teachers. You have the option to add a BümoBrain Box that has all the materials you need for that month’s curriculum! The Program comes with daily Family Experiences, which are themed live events for all the BümoBrain families. Best of all, you can access the Program from anywhere via desktop, mobile, or tablet.

Want live instruction? Sign your little ones up (ages 1-6) for the BümoBrain Live Classes or After School Classes! With over 20 different classes in both programs, all the Live Classes maintain a student-teacher ratio of 6-to-1. If you need classes available in the afternoons or evenings, the After School Classes encourage movement and exploration, so your child can be engaged all day long! Sessions for both programs are over 5 weeks, and Session 2 begins October 19th!

Use code REDTRI at checkout for 10% off the Daily Learning Program OR the Live Classes in EITHER the Live Classes Program or After School Classes. Offer expires 10/31.

BümoBrain Virtual School
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Online: https://bumobrain.com/