The Ultimate Culinary Adventure Camp

Photo by: Jessie Welsh

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In this mini quarantine format, kids get three fun-filled weeks of camp! Hosted in San Diego and the East Bay too!

Week 1: Edible Art and ‘Colors of the Rainbow’ menu

We will be cooking and crafting every day from our ‘Colors of the Rainbow’ menu. Afternoons will be filled with art projects relating to food, allowing kids to ease back into socializing.

Week 2: Edible Adventure and ‘Global goodies’ menu Learn to cook special delicacies from India, Korea, Brazil, Italy and beyond, and see how so many of our ingredients are universally used and enjoyed. We will also embark on outdoor adventures to nearby food gardens, parks, and more, all while exploring new cultures through delicious cooking! Designed to be a week of exploration!

Week 3: STEAM in the Kitchen and ‘Baking Bliss’ menu In our final week of camp, we will encourage playing (and learning) with your food! Learn the science of baking, create food-science experiments all on their own, and even have a costume party on the last day of camp! All things baked will appear in our menu, and we will celebrate all the little chefs have achieved.

Culinary Artistas
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