This is a perfect dessert to share with your kids & rest of the family without feeling guilty while the Bay Area weather heats up this year 

What You’ll Need:


2 cups of Bananas Cinnamon Honey or Agave Syrup Berries & Nuts of your choice (Can also add chocolate chips!)


1.  Place 2 cups of sliced bananas into a glass container for freezing & freeze overnight.




2.  Place frozen bananas in blender or food processor (shown below) & add cinnamon as desired.




3.   MIX!  (Add small amounts of water to get consistency like ice  cream if needed.)




4.  Add toppings as desired.  (Blueberries and Agave shown)



5.   Serve, share (or not :)) & enjoy!

So, there you have it:  a super easy dessert that both adults & kids will enjoy!  The consistency is just like ice cream that your kids wont know the difference