At Red Tricycle, we’re all about getting you the info you need as quickly as possible to help you get offline, so you can go spend time with your kids. 6a00d8341c589653ef0120a5688f63970b-500wiThat said, there are a few sites that are so worth spending naptime with, it feels illicit.

Seattle mom Blair Peter’s blog Wise Craft falls into that category. You may already be familiar with Blair as her home was featured in Cookie magazine and her craft projects have been featured in Parent’s magazine’s Goodyblog. She’s a cross between Martha Stewart and McGyver,  and the projects she features on her site make us dream of abandoning our laptops and iphones in favor of a glue gun and a crochet hook.

Her Halloween decoration project was downright genius. Sourcing all the goods from Value Village and other thrift stores, she creates an amazing centerpieces and other spectacular festive creations using everyday items like sharpie pens, felt and spray paint.