Hair Fairy ‘No Tangles’ Pillowcase

Hair Fairy “No Tangles” satin pillowcases puts an end to hair tangles and painful morning brushing. Sleeping on Hair Fairy satin prevents nighttime hair tangles, frizz and bedhead so morning brush-outs are easier and stress-free for both kids and their parents. Each pillowcase is made from high quality, machine-washable satin and fits a standard size pillow found in most kids’ bedrooms.

A small plush Harriet the Hair Fairy doll is included and comes tucked in the front pocket.

We’re pleased to announce that most of our pillowcases are now made in Seattle, Washington, USA! Seattle is the headquarters and hometown of Hair Fairy founder, Eliza Kelly. Tired of stressful mornings brushing out her daughter’s hair, Eliza heard of the practice of women sleeping on satin to help maintain their salon styling and thought it would work for kids. Not able to find high quality satin pillowcases, Hair Fairy was created with the finest satin and girls in mind. Our solids and fun printed pillowcases quickly become favorites of girls when they see how little their hair tangles.

And yes! We carry satin pillowcases for women too!

Hair Fairy works on all hair types – short, long, straight, thick, curly coarse and fine hair. A unique gift idea for birthdays, Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine’s Day, Easter or anytime. For ages 3 and up.


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