I love decorating for Halloween – especially because my kids get such a kick out of the holiday.  But I don’t want anything too spooky or over the top.  A delicate garland made of felt bats is perfect for over the fireplace.

You’ll Need:
1/4 yard black felt

bat template


sewing machine

Step 1: Using the bat template, cut out bat shapes from felt

Step 2: Stitch across one bat on the sewing machine.  At the end of the bat, place a second bat wing-to-wing and stitch across the second bat to join them together.  Repeat with all bats.

Lifestyle maven Alexandra Hedin has been taking her know-how on cooking, decorating, and being the consummate hostess to the masses following the publication of her book Entertaining at Home. She’s a mom to three small kids and will be documenting the transformation of her new home into an expressions of her style on her blog.